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Long Distance Relationships and Keeping the Spark Alive

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Long distance relationships are a tricky beast. It’s often hard to stay connected, even more so when it comes to keeping the spark alive in your sex life. But don’t worry! It’s not impossible. With the right approach and a bit of effort, you can make sure that your relationship is as spicy and steamy as ever, even if you live far apart!

The Benefits of Long Distance Relationships

Believe it or not, there are a lot of benefits that come with long distance relationships. For starters, you have time for yourself and for your friends — something that can be tough to do when you’re in an all-consuming relationship. Additionally, long distance couples tend to communicate more openly than those who live together — which can only benefit your sex life!

Tips for Spicing Up Your Long Distance Relationship

  • Send Sexy Texts– Texting can be one of the best ways to keep the spark alive in any relationship, especially in a long distance one. After all, there’s nothing quite like getting a steamy text from your partner out of the blue! Just make sure you know where their boundaries lie first before sending anything naughty.
  • Make Dates For Skype Sex– One of the biggest challenges faced by couples in long distance relationships is physical intimacy. To combat this problem, try making dates for “Skype sex” where you can still enjoy each other’s company without actually being in the same room. If possible try scheduling these times so both of you have something to look forward to throughout the week!
  • Don't Forget Foreplay– Even though your partner may be thousands of miles away, foreplay is still important! Tease each other through texts or video messages—it'll add some spice and anticipation before any skype session or meeting up IRL.
  • Send Each Other Gifts– A great way to show your partner that you care is by sending them gifts every now and then. Whether it's lingerie or a toy, receiving something special from your partner will definitely add some excitement into the mix! 

It may take extra effort but keeping up with a sex life while in a long distance relationship is entirely possible — if not beneficial sometimes! With proper communication, trust building and creative ideas on how to keep things spicy between both partners it is easy to maintain an active sex life regardless of how far away they are from each other. So don't despair if you find yourself in this situation – just get creative and stay connected with your partner so that nothing gets lost during this period apart!

Image by Drazen Zigic on Freepik

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